1. Nice smile

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  2. Don’t forget to cane the feet!

  3. So. Spankable.

  4. This type of tie is simple, but super effective. Easy access to ass and pussy, and feet up in the air. What’s not to like?

  5. What a fantastic mindfuck it would be if a bunch of people stood around that box and started pissing in it…

  7. Sometimes I fantasize about doing a ‘fucked by the gimp’-style scene where the top puts me in sling or similar position while I’m bound and gagged, then someone else comes into the room and he/she is hooded and tied up and he/she is led to face my ass and ordered to fuck me with his cock or a strap on and I just lie there and take it while the top tortures my nipples or strokes my cock just to keep me motivated. 

    Then the ‘gimp’ is led away, and I am released without knowing who just fucked me.

    Yeah, that could be fun. 

  10. When someone is tied up like that, how can you not cane their feet?